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Ophis Martys

Mortuorial Eclipse
Preachers of Lie.
Of desecration
I'm becoming in your eyes.

Hearing your cry
They walk among us.
The path is hidden by them all.

A kind of weakened survivors
Won the war against grace.

Raptured gathering
They're bleeding and praying in vain.
Saint perversion prevails.

Tribute for gods who never revealed to their flock.
Fallen martyr reclaims his throne.

Preachers of Lie.
Of desecration.
Path is hidden from you all.

Hearing your cry,
They laugh beyond us.
I'm becoming in your eyes.

Ripping the tongues of those who refuse to the cross.
You are becoming in their slave.

Barren offering
My fire is burning thy world.
The cult of mercy will fall.

Primeval truth that finally returns
Enthroned by misery and crowned by lust.

Óphis Mártys
Óphis Mártys

Beneath the shroud of ashes the seed will never sprout.