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Nine Divines


Band/Artist: Drearyym

Album: Precursions

Take us
Through the times they will take us
From birth to enslavement
To the solace of sunrise

This rugged mountain cradle
Seen by no man
Something grand
Taking hold of the land

A golden shining stream
Running through the vale of time
Mist of a cold white dawn
Circling monoliths of size
The masters of the worlds
A sincere force high of age
With strength of a thousand beings
Standing on it's shores
Gazing to the sea of rage


Now embrace this vision they paint
A void that leads us far astray
Between these ancient worlds
They speak in riddling tongues...

Finally we will see
What lies beyond the raging sea
Spirits wash upon the shore...
As the sun rises in the east
We're carried far beyond this dream
They will all set us free...
From the deep rise all Nine Divines
With the tide, the crimson sky
They will all set us free... when we die

Take us
Through the times
Take us
Into the skies
To your realm beyond creation
Take us
From dark to light