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Lolsmh (Interlude)

LOL, crying face, make me shake my head
Step on me now, placed on a pedestal, they find me dead
Yeah, that water under the bridge, just use that shit as the charter
Made my friendship be a channel for all the pain you can't harbor
It's hard for me to be happy, wish my girl would just dump me
I done showed you all of my ugly but why the fuck you ain't judge me?
No my skin ain't thick, it's thin, it probably bleeds soon as you touch me
I love it if you hate me, I hate that you fuckin' love me
I been up, been broken up again and still can't see the difference
That's that shit they won't speak about like niggas killin' niggas
Man, my brobro on the brink of being broke
He on a bridge without a rope
It hit my heart to see the world did ran him low
Plus he got a 6 month old and he can barely keep her fed
He gotta deal with baby mamma hangin' shit over his head
Man, I wanna tell him "Fuck her bro, I know you ain't no sucka"
But I see it in his face, man, he hate that he fuckin' love her

Shit hit me deep, I'm like stall me out if I stutter and say
I'd give my arm and my leg to get this out my head
It's crazy
Step on me now, placed on a pedestal, they find me dead
Forever blunt, tobacco gut sitdn' in my bed
You could, could swim forever if you see these tears that I done shed

(I don't know why you shaking your head)
(Man, I swear, ooh, niggas ain't shit)
(Fuckboy, fuckboy tendencies)

Yeah, yeah, uh
I know your fight to be free
Locked in your mind, how surprising you think that silence is key
You ain't designed to be blind and lost in the night like you be
I know the hurt in your eyes, oh my, you remind me of me
And it's a lot we don't see
Gotta be tough just actin' tough all day
Shoulder shrugs to show the world you give no fucks all day
But it's got a story I could never show you
Scared if you open up, niggas just might just have leverage on you
And I'm like God, why you hit your line but you ain't been replyin'?
I'm like God, said you had my back but nigga you been lyin'
I'm like God, it's gold I got inside, my shit just need refining
And yet sometimes I need reminding, remind me that I'm gon' be
Remind me that I'm gon' be straight, remind me if my heart do break
Remind me that it's gon' reshape, remind me nigga stand your ground
Remind me not to call Jenaie, I helped her get up on her feet
For me to see her walk away, SMH, fuck

(I don't know why you shaking your head)
(Man, I swear, niggas ain't shit)
(Fuck, always doin' some fuckboy shit)
(Fuckboy tendencies, you just a fuckboy)

Every nigga main is just another nigga sideline
My hoes won't know I'm cornin' if this plane don't got wifi
Why I'm over shit when I be under the influence
But wake up feelin' bad to know the home that I just ruined
Don't think you boomin' everything you own just'cause you 10 bags up
Too much pressure to be on social (Shut your bitch-ass up)
Back to this mission I carry out
We get windy, you try to diss it on God
We gon' air it out, the creator
Feelin' sorry, I'm dyin' to get him off me
Line up around the corner to get in your pity party
Pissed 'cause you picked me apart but don't ever pick me up
Ain't no gif or emoji to pic how much I don't give a fuck
It really go
Please don't compare me to niggas not in my league
If I tricked on any bitch, know it's more I got up my sleeve
Ain't no dreams of bein' Mikey, can't do shit for me
I'm tryna be like Guida nigga, that's my big homie
Free him, no up
Trained to be in hell, niggas got derailed
I don't need a scale, everything for sale
Yeah, yeah

LOL and then I shake my head
Step on me now, place on a pedestal, they find me dead