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[Donny:] Hey left, You wanna tell me where we're going?

[Left:] I got sent for

[Donny:] So what does that mean you got sent for?

[Left:] What does that mean? What do you think it means?

[Donny:] You don't wanna go? You want me to turn around? I'll turn around

[Left:] What are you gunna do, take a left? Go off the fucking bridge?

[Donny:] Not here, I'm saying after the bridge

[Left:] No I gotta go, you get sent for you gotta go

[Donny:] How am I supposed to know if you don't explain it to me?

[Left:] You think I don't know how a hit gets set up? You think I don't know that? You know, what I know? How many times have I been on the other end of that fuckin phone? 26 times

[Donny:] Right but you just gone done saying you and Sunny Black are friends

[Left:] Donny, I got sent for, in our thing you get sent for you go in alive, you come out dead and it's your best friend that does it