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Band/Artist: Boondox

Album: Abaddon

[Verse 1]
Lord invisible and omnipotent
Let us gather on this day and reverence
On the 32nd name (Abaddon) all man
Asmodeus, personification of destruction
Tale of a serpents, mouth of fire and flame
Prince of the lust and destroyer of temple be mighty among us
It is he who commands the 72 legions
He who misreading [?] whisper in the blink of the universe
With but a pinprick of light shall as glory manisfest
To blacking out our very sun
That radiate such a disgusting display
Invocation of Solomon, doom sayer of the kingdom
Oracle to the builder, the destuctor of the pilars
Be mighty among us
By the golden seal may your presence be felt
May you be potent, may you drain the life of the universe
And manifest the glory of darkness
Let it be known that if a man
Change a letter or word of this ministry
Then the wrath they shall suffer shall be so great
It will be truly incommunicable
With pandemonican of depravity
Can one see the mighty hand of destruction?
Let it be known that if a man deny the name of destruction
Then he himself become the one who destroys
With pandemonican of hatred
Can one see the work of the mighty hand of desctruction?
We evoke thee, we call thee, we summon thee
And by the word inside, by mighty among us