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Incandescent (Extended Version)

We're chasing ashes in the wind
When the end of fire begins
Just look to the sun and soon you'll find your aid
Don't fear the demons in the dark
We have a journey to embark
You're never alone, even when light will fade

We are the heroes
Never defeated
March to the ending
History repeated
Together as equals
At heart we're the same
Live in the present
And signal your name
Shine like a beacon
The light we are after
Here in the fallout
Bound in disaster
We're burdened with purpose
So here we remain
We're incandescent
A glorious flame

Overcome by this vivid dream
When the odds aren't what they seem
You've got a friend to watch your back and guide the way
Mistakes that set you back too far
I've set a sign just where you are
I've struggled as well, but I won't let you die today

Don't rush through the night's fog
Join these shining watchdogs
To chase your fear away when you're alone
Spite the rolling thunder
Tear these streets asunder
Toward a shining sun to call your own
Savor every moment
Here comes our atonement
When hell's own flames arise, we fight as one
Step forth now, ascended
Grossly incandescent
You're part of something more, a warming sun

Spent years waiting for the time
I'd come to see the truth behind
Darkness that we face, in our own lives
Cast aside your fear
We're strong in numbers
Holding back a fate of endless slumber
I want to stay to keep you strong
Side by side is where we belong