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Arkham Witch

Band/Artist: Arkham Witch

Album: Demo 2009

Splendid torrent, cascading down
Foaming fury, from a furrowed brow
Wide the spaces, frozen free
Alone he wonders, to vex this dim sea

Souls once toiled, now flesh that creaks
In pale abstraction, their spirit sleeps
A vain existence, nothing remains
Peculiar essence, faint in the brain

A shape determined with ageless sight
To bathe himself in grim twilight

A strange light glowing,
from outer depths
Bearing down, into flesh
Strange habitation, a phantom crew
Take the places, they once knew

Raise the sails,
tonight our course is hell!
The creak of wood, the rattle
of bones shall serve the swell!

All are wearing the ocean's crown
Deep voices calling their senses down
With fearsome laughter,
the rumbling sea will shield the world,
with endless grief


Star thrown spears, malignant glare
A pale light ponders,
what he's caught there
A death taunt traveller, illusion free
Rides those waves,
with strange buoyancy

The broken backs of the dead
Scaffold him where angels tread