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Fuck Humanity

Fuck´em all
Kill´em all

Fuck this human cancer
Fuck all the people
Fuck the human evil
Let´s burn them in the fire of the devil

Hatred is my fuel for brutality
Hatred drives me to kill
Hatred at your society
Fuck humanity

Do not suffer the human to live

Dragonhordes out of hell
We roar, we kill, we main, we yell
We torture, we are demon-possessed
We murder, we are gore-obssessed
I hate humans

Main them on the slaughter fields of war
Fuck Humanity

We free the world of your taint
Because you are evil and insane
Your gods will not save you
Because we are the blood god crew

Your cities will fall
Your bodies will hang in our halls
An end as whimpering slave
Or as meat in death´s embrace

Gods and monsters
They are your doom