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Ensigns Of Victory

Then they bruited abroad in new districts,
Throughout there men were widely dispersed,
A mighty campaign, to the disgust of men,
From whom the Lord's law would hide!

Proclaimed throughout the lands, as far as the sea,
Surrounded they in every city, their walls they did invade,
Their fates forever altered, all hope like towers burned,

That Christ's cross in earth was buried, had been found,
The best of victorious signs, which before or after,
Holy under the heavens, was ever reared aloft!

Swift were they to ride, as though the early Romans,
Over the deep sea the lords lands seek out,

"Though ye them all should banish, work your hostility,
Ye here will derive, in that vengeance, an inglorious journey".

"I now a sword against you, with wrathful hand,
Purpose to bear, or worldly weapon,
Nor shall this field of God, through bloodshed, be furtive".

Twas to the warrior the most welcome of tidings,
Their banner of victory raised high over the crowds!