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Enhanced Sinister Corruption

Loathing Requiem
The path of which
Acedia becomes fertile
Demolition is now reborn
The vast obsession
To network all minds into one mold
One collection

The path of which
The prize is endless
Glory is infinite
Filth. hypocrisy
Wrath. malice
Is programed in us all

As drones built for war
Our eyes, never intended for sight
Enhanced by the sinister corruption
The gift to envision a world obliged in dreams and fantasy
Then watch it all burn down

Start with the sky
Set it ablaze
Evolution falls into extinction
Flesh will always decay

The natural course is crumbling
We must now become machine

The path of which
All life grows dim
Infiltrate and destroy

Enhanced sinister corruption
Mechanically decomposing the flesh, catastrophe complete
Enhanced sinister corruption
We are now part of this machine