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Deep Down South (Feat. Johanna Sadonis & Nicke Anderson - Lucifer)

Me and That Man
She crushed my bones, cut out my heart
She let it bleed, tore it apart
There was no way to keep the promises we made
Made up my mind and stole a blade
A dagger sharp and I, undignified
I cut her throat and hung her up to dry

Within my grave I lie awake
Entombed in dirt and rattlesnakes
This soil is cold, my coffin's tight
I hear the train roll on through the night
Gotta find my love and take him down
Revenge is bliss on blood-soiled ground

Behind bars ain't no place to be
Incarceration will be the death of me
I made my way down to Mexico
Where my guilty face, no one will know
Free as a bird and on my own
Just my cover that won't be blown

Now deep down south I make my way
I have to make that devil pay
So that our eyes lock one last time
Before our flesh in death entwined
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned
My darling man, you'll curse the day you were born