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Dark World

Lamp of Thoth
I just took a trip
into a bottomless well
face to face with the madness
that's been cracking my shell
all around me, decay
burning in my eyes
I can see no way
to save our lives


I hear little children
begging for relief
I hear all of us say
don't even bother me
tomorrow it could be you
tomorrow it could be me
we're all in the same slimy boat
and we're all going to sink


See the children dying
Hear the mothers crying
It's a dark world after all,
Misery inherent, happiness deterrent,
It's a dark world after all.

Hear the children calling,
As the bombs are falling,
It's a dark world after all,
Hear the bellies rumble,
As the cities crumble,
It's a dark world after all.

When was it that I first realised that Saint Vitus was not just a band, but a philosophy, a moral code, and a way of life?

Digging through the waste
of a tortured land
you'll meet others, like you
the last trace of man
everybody's crying
and everybody screams
you will turn your head and say
I only care about me