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Come Alive (Alternative Take)

Brown, Arthur
I'm baptised into joy as I ride on the crest of a wave
I plummet the depths as I smilingly pass through my grave
Wiggling astral chords just to give you a thrill as we go
I'll take you aboard where all soul brothers and sisters know

I journey over all the depths of your soul
On the motorway of love
I'm so glad that you were able to go
With my yin in your yang we fit just like a glove
Oh baby!

The world we create from the womb of our wisdom
The people return to the ways of the Lord
To find he's a joker who's turned off the laughter
To see if we reach him although he can't hear our call

Climb on and give me your hand through the dark
I'll keep holding on 'til
Every day I find I need a little love
Every way I'm looking 'round to give myself a thrill
I look at the trees and all the animals around my face
I feel your touch warm on my body
And I know I've caught you in my place

Well, now a man and a woman
They join in the soul
The electrical forces of the body
Make your love grow

You catch hold each other
You start to get warm
Your blood is a-rising, and you
Keep a better lover
When you bring it all around and back again

Never mind if fools say you can't win
I say you can't lose
Just carry on

You'll find your believer
Just when you think that you're lost forever
You have found love