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Cold Day In Hell

Anderson, John (USA)
Said that you'd love me forever love me till the rivers run dry
Said that we'd be together till the stars fell from the sras
We'll love each till hell freezes over and birds no longer fly
If I'm ever gonna wish on a fallen star tonight would be the good time to try

I guess we're gonna run out of bottom I can't find a bird in the skies
What never should happen is happening now
I just heard you tell me goodbye


Don't need to see anybody I'm feeling too empty inside
The world's going crazy I'm feeling shaky I guess I need a good place to hide
I should have known better when you said you'd never hurt me or tell me a lie
Guess I'd better break out my old winter coat it's sure gettin' cold for July

I guess we're gonna run out of bottom...

If you were watchin' wherever you are the last of the stars as they fell
It's a cold day a cold day a cold day in hell