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Andre Nickatina
You know I laugh like a fat king
And when I rap it's like the sound when a gat sings
Undercover, yea you know like butter
Stretch like rubber
I make sure payments like the ultimate cutter
I stand like a statue in the church I feel cold
Trapped like a cat with a boat full of coke
Tigas know I lie
This is how I run my life
Razor sharp just like the knives
Mics get hit from buller flavor I spit
Chambers and clips can't offer me shit
I get high as f**k when them MC's come
But from dawn to dusk man I breaks em up
Like booyah! What ya do now!?
I can hear them freaks screamin Hoocha!
From head to head
Dread to dread
Lead to Lead
Spread to spread
Niggas be trippin when the endos gone
Niggas be trippin when they womans gone
Niggas be trippin when the moneys gone
That's why I rappin on the microphone
What up, razor sharp
Crack Raider
Time to build my juice back up
Like the curl of a banger in a compton cut
How many niggas do I have to kill
Before I go to the top of the hill
Don't need to be alarmed because my game is tight
You know I do it for the gods when I rock the mic
You know I'm really wheel spinnin and my hammer keep bustin
You be a fool and these cats I'm trustin
Cold as ice he must be cold as steel
I'm gon bury yo ass at the top of the hill come on
Razor sharp
Rap Raider razor
Raider sharp
Rap raider razor raider sharp
A tiga like me can't hit the block
Sucka mc's is like microphone cops
Niggas know Nicky got a brain for glocks
So when I think niggas come at they usual spots
Nose stay red like the 1st reindeer
Don't know where you goin but ya can't stay here
Gotta hit the scene all stars and jeans
Slip through the scene like vaseline cream
Supreme being one man team
The king diamonds with the heart of his queen
No matter the ride check it I'm gon lean
With a hook that niggas ain't seen since kareem
I'm a fugitive gotta watch my step
Suckas wanna kno where the rhymes is kept
Check this out playboy hold ya breath
I'm on the bay bridge they ain't caught me yet
Goin ninetyyyy on the freeway chokin
Ain't no mystery to the weed we smokin
Andre nickatina said show me some styles
And check this out freak I'm a be right back
I hate to be a whore but the worlds a pimp
I'm tryin to tell my tigas man don't y'all simp
Comin like a mack truck
Miss me if ya foul skunk
Represent the blunt when ya get tossed up
Microphone flow like the caddy will rip
And this sugar hill gang got me doin this so
Razor sharp, rap raider razor sharp
Rap razor raider razor sharp... sharp