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Carnage In Catacomb

Scrambled Defuncts
Disentombed bodies in assorted piles of lap
Heads involved in wrapped ragged skin
Dialated eyes gorged, spleen covered with sores
Chunks of scrapped gore meat strewn everywhere
Evirated children gorging on each other
Bloody retch gushing from appalling gashes
Trunks involuted, radicles uprooted
Upheaval innards mouldering and melting
Eyeless infants mutilated and raped
I eat their brains from extirpated eyeholes
Meat and entrails boiled in rectal slime
Pelvic bones pulled out, split to pieces
Gnawed slabs of formless rotted flesh
Cruelly sewn with one another
Now I dispose pieces of stripped skin
In order to look at their anal grouting
Grated gristles engulf the spewing gore
Disembodied members slashed and chewed up
Whittling sculpting limbless child gets cold
Carved gall bladder leaking caustic matter
Devouring chopped up infants carcasses
I lick the clotted blood from maimed stumps
Pierced peritonea scrapped from within
Mangled heads implanted on the spikes
Mutilated children hang upside – down
From the cut – out throats gushing blood
Disintered infants exposed to impalement
In insatiable spite I eat their spoiled meat
Grilled and oiled with my drivel
Devoided bones, defleshed they disgust