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Burning Man

Black Atlass
I used to dream to be a superhero
Larger than life like Lou Ferrigno
Now it's not dreams talking 'bout people
But out of meanwhile these lose of ceros
Act like they better than rap like they ain't even talk like they never been known
It's killing the dam
You're the villain it's the way y'all rob me
Where's do credit, where's Mr. Cosby?
Sounds irretarded man y'all all on pausey
Y'all all on Christ a arm or godly
Arm or godly, is with the words God spoke
Now I'm an old gospel
Yeaj, I'm an old apostle, so passed awful, so pass partners
Rash so normal guess you can't change side'm
Brunet obliged champagne problems, uh
And who watch the watchmen
And who caught the stock men
Is it wrong for me to ask?
Or is love just option?
'Cause that's what I seen two minutes' go
Or maybe I'm just faded
And I don't know why this seem so biblical
Baby, at least we made it
And if you knew that today was my birthday
And don't act all unshaded
And if I had you in a worse way
Well then you half as sacred twice as sated uh