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Blood and Snow

A somber face
Across the ocean
Into the wastes
The cold erosion
A birthright I have left before
The bloodshed of my father's shores
As tides have turned
The game is shifting
Our lanterns burn
The winds are whistling
A song of ice, a cry of fear
A cold heart's wrath is growing near

When every blade falls down defeated
When our own champions are slain
I will carry on
Above the fields of winter's creeping pain
In desperation
In the fields of blood and snow
When our faith is gone
And in this time, death is all we know

A reckoned will
The strive for power
To keep me still
Through the darkest hours
A beacon for these citizens
Protect and make them whole again
Don't let them see
That I've been shaken
My confidence
Was swiftly taken
When shadows fall on bitter lands
Their fates will rest in my own hands

Tales and superstitions
Out of a legend, come alive
Rise with colossal force
Against my burning drive
Victories overshadowed
Not of my own determination
Against the coming storm
I'm here to lead us through

The phoenix born again
In the ashes of the end
With open eyes, I'll bring the fire
The turning of the fates
Were blind to our mistakes
So hear my words to stay inspired
Life and death
Blood and snow
We'll eclipse the dead below
Flesh and bone
Bound and free
I will bring us victory
Marching north
Riding strong
Our own road ahead is long
Clench your teeth
Kill your fear
On this borderless frontier

When every blade falls down
For love or for a crown
We're out of time, and out of places left to hide