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Black Belief


Band/Artist: Wode

Album: Wode

The firmament is rotten
It falls before my eyes
Heaven’s vault has emptied
Storm clouds fill the skies
Run silent through the night
Fall into forever
The rain falls for days
While the watcher waits
The world is reborn in pestilence and plague
White light in the dark night
Turn away
Leave this place behind
The vault of heaven
After the night
When the waters collide
And radiate pale light
When the end is nigh
I’ll summon the tide
Wash away everything
Emerge anew
To summon stars
To wait in vain
To die in the wilderness
To welcome nothingness
Forever is falling
These eyes have seen the stars collapse
These hands have held the celestial sphere
Forever is falling
And below the altar
Cracks form in the stone
Burn the field
Salt the earth
Never return home
I’ve left you behind
I’m never coming back.