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Awake Like An Owl

Andre Nickatina
"What time is it! "

This is one of those, A1-Yola raps
Stick in ya mind, stick in ya mind, stick in ya mind

[Verse 1:]
When you up all night
You see things you shouldn't have saw
Because the night gets raw
Drama is thicker than Skippy's peanut butter
Imagine the worried thoughts of a young man's mother
Feelin's empty, Love don't live here anymore
Awake like an owl at a quarter to four
Don't blink, a Caddy just ran a red light
Bumpin' thug life, man I blend with the night

They call me greedy
Plead my sins to get a girl a beaty
It's Andre Nickatina
I'm like a genie in a beanie
El Dorado 88 Cadillac, all black
Copy cats try to match
But they style ain't exactly the same
Somebody said, "Freeze, it's a raid! "
You know cops are comin' when a brotha smells
Glazed doughnuts, hold up
Patna fill it to the rim
Me and money go together like a feather in a brim

I'm a magician
Some say my [?] ain't the same but I ain't trippin'
A girl be yellin [?] but I don't listen
Crooked crow
Playas seem to like my style
Why's that killa whale...

I stay awake like an owl, Hoo!
I stay awake like an owl, Hoo, Hoo!
I stay awake like an owl, Hoo!
I stay awake like an owl, Hoo, Hoo!

[Verse 2:]
(What are you baby?)
I'm a Raider, camouflaged in silver and the black
Tryin' to blitz through the line for the quarter back sack
Of the money
I dress like it's cold, not sunny
But slyer than a persian fox tryin' to catch a bunny
In the snow
I'm try'na get paid like a ho
Or better yet the pimp that's rakin' in her dough
Like a baker
But check it, who's the king of the caine?
And what's that tiga's name with the Macintosh computer brain mind
Or should I say mine?
Sometimes I gotta lie to protect my crime
I'll call my lawyer!
Bail bonds keep me on the streets
Three in the mornin' I'm at the club with the freaks
But I got hawk eye
Meanin' that the joint is bein' watched
Drinkin' with the killas that be pushin' up the cost
For the drought season
[?] season
Different then they best
But those be the ones that don't have to rest
Like an owl...


I set a trap, I have to spin a web like a spider
Don't strike matches, hate child-proof lighters
Stay awake
Witness how I pick up the pace
First I see a girl's butt, then I look at her face
I can't explain
I'm eatin' garlic bread with the steak
[?] for the narcs
Brothas droppin' cream by the fiends when they part
I'm like a sentinel, known to be the principal original
Lookin' for the road that made it gold, they call it federal
I'm a general, but yet at times I blaze with my lieutenant
Popeye, [?], who got the spinach?
Cough, choke, feelin' no remorse for the roach
Choppin' up freaks as ya lounge with your folks
Playin' dice, you take a chance at the crap game
It's all about the money baby, it's the rap game
And I'm an owl...

[Chorus x2]

Uh... And I'm out
Uh, Shit
It's a planned emergency, (it's a planned emergency)
It's a planned emergency, (it's a planned emergency)
What, STOP!
Shit, fade me, fade me, fade me, fade me, fade me...

"What time is it! "