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Ad Infinitum

Rise Of Avernus

Band/Artist: Rise Of Avernus

Album: Eigengrau

You soulless treachery
Hide behind the eyes of a man who is fake
Destroying loyalty
A heart of a lamb and the eyes of a snake
Upon your pinnacle
A failure to reach all of that which you seek
Scumfuck degenerate
Convictions are strong but your instincts are weak

You are footprints in the sand
Your hatred is the wave that washes it away

When all that's left is drowning light
(Drowning light)
And you witness the fractured reflections
of what's left behind
You've slipped too far to save
(You've slipped too far to save)
Images dance on the waves
(Upon the waves)
So far above you
They're fading, refracting, like all that you were
Defector, impostor
(Defector, impostor)

Shedding skin
Under the guise of growth
Making way for the distended self
This bloated persona
Its elements
A nightmare brought to life

You invited them inside
Gave access to all that you guard
And wouldn't see the blade
Shearing your edges
Changing your shape