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Hang On Me (For Papa)

Wolfgang Press
I say my hands have played, hold me and never sing
All mine is still undone, hold me and I'll hold you
My hungry dream, my only saviour
I send it to you [with fly] and keep winds bad at bay
I sing my heart, I sing my heart

He thinks he injures, my kindness still unpaid
My time is all in days, my day has yet to come
I come with you IN MY HEART in my soul IN MY HEAD
My time is spent in days and days are all know
These days don't get to short
My eyes have seen too long
Maybe I say "hang on me, hang on you, hang on me, hang on you"

Who said my hands are thin
I say my hands have governed
My eyes have seen too long
I know it's been too long
My mind have seen the days
Soon this will be my day, my day in time...

[in the back Mike sings:
My heart did over
My son will say
My son will say
"My heart did over,
I keep wings bad at bay"
I'll say... I'll say... I'll say...]