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Digital Abuse


Band/Artist: Destrage

Album: Urban Being

Loser, craven... And I've just begun!
Cause you pick me just a sense of war
I never felt until now
You insult my basics, and you feel stronger just because
The weak is in front of you
Your crime is breach of...

Power and supremacy are the monsters we must face
Violence, oppression should remain leftover chance
Can you realize the sickness and disgust you have created?
Your crime will be well-marked!!
You roast!!!! Distasteful!! you know

With a person who needed help

Blast!! in your bad trust! now start to run !! from now my task, is scourge you!
Conflict for block savagery of a new post-human vision

Climax of madness in a fuckin' jungle age!
Real presence of a sickness, where abuse is guaranteed!
Today you claim your primacy and tomorrow you claim help!
Come on now let me hear your voice telling me your regret!

And so... let me know
what are you searching for..
Just approval? Or self realisation?

Burn... in your'll never stop my core...
Don't say you're's useless it's so

Fourteen percent of British teens victim of the new violence's border
New tools in the service of old habits
Technology as amplifier of human hate

Actors, walker-on and viewers
Digital bulls performing for digital user
Even in the softness of my sofa violence is so grim, so true, so real