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Wild Dreams (Deluxe Edition)-Westlife 2021 Wild Dreams (Deluxe Edition) 15 00:55:32
Spectrum (Japanese Edition)-Westlife 2019 Spectrum (Japanese Edition) 13 00:44:34
Gravity-Westlife 2010 Gravity 12 00:48:15
Where We Are-Westlife 2009 Where We Are 13 00:51:47
Back Home-Westlife 2007 Back Home 12 00:47:29
Back Home (Deluxe Edition)-Westlife 2007 Back Home (Deluxe Edition) 11 00:42:19
Back Home (Deluxe Edition: Bonus CD)-Westlife 2007 Back Home (Deluxe Edition: Bonus CD) 6 00:23:32
The Love Album-Westlife 2006 The Love Album 11 00:42:57
Face To Face-Westlife 2005 Face To Face 11 00:41:07
Released (South-Africa only Limited Edition)-Westlife 2005 Released (South-Africa only Limited Edition) 18 01:13:22
...Allow Us To Be Frank-Westlife 2004 ...Allow Us To Be Frank 12 00:36:39
Turn Around-Westlife 2003 Turn Around 12 00:43:48
Turnaround-Westlife 2003 Turnaround 13 00:47:25
World Of Our Own-Westlife 2001 World Of Our Own 17 01:06:13
World Of Our Own (UK edition)-Westlife 2001 World Of Our Own (UK edition) 20 01:21:03
Coast to Coast-Westlife 2000 Coast to Coast 16 00:56:46
Coast To Coast (UK edition)-Westlife 2000 Coast To Coast (UK edition) 19 01:10:15
Westlife-Westlife 1999 Westlife 17 01:05:36
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Westlife is a vocal pop band (boy-band) from Ireland that reached the top of the British charts fourteen times between 1999 and 2006.
This is the third achievement in history, after Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Despite this resounding success, the band is relatively unknown outside the UK and Ireland in the rest of the world.
The band was formed in Dublin by the managers of the popular boy-band Boyzone with the help of its lead singer, Ronan Keating. After the breakup of Boyzone in 2000, Westlife, as the successors of that band, effectively took Boyzone's place as the main idols of the teenage female audience in Ireland and the UK. They set an incredible record with all seven of their first singles debuting at #1 in the UK charts.
In 2011, Westlife announced the end of their musical career after finishing their farewell tour in 2012, but in 2018 the band members announced a reunion.

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