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Brainstorm (LAT)

Brainstorm (LAT)
Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra)
Discography  (total 16 Albums )
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Another Still Life-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2012 Another Still Life 14 00:56:25
Чайки На Крышах-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2012 Чайки На Крышах 13 00:53:32
Years And Seconds-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2010 Years And Seconds 13 00:46:41
Tur Kaut Kam Ir Jabut-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2008 Tur Kaut Kam Ir Jabut 12 00:43:15
Four Shores-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2006 Four Shores 11 00:44:33
Chetri Krasti-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2005 Chetri Krasti 10 00:39:49
A Day Before Tomorrow-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2003 A Day Before Tomorrow 12 00:48:19
Dienas kad lidlauks parak tals-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2003 Dienas kad lidlauks parak tals 12 00:48:28
Online-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2001 Online 11 00:43:34
Kakens, Kurs Atteicas No Jurasskolas-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2001 Kakens, Kurs Atteicas No Jurasskolas 11 00:46:27
Among The Suns-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2000 Among The Suns 13 00:49:55
Starp Divm Saulem (Lat verision of Among The Suns)-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 2000 Starp Divm Saulem (Lat verision of Among The Suns) 11 00:42:55
Sveiks-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 1999 Sveiks 14 00:42:28
Viss Ir Tieshi Ta Ka Tu Velies-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 1997 Viss Ir Tieshi Ta Ka Tu Velies 15 00:49:41
Veronika-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 1996 Veronika 17 01:01:19
Vairak Neka Skali-Brainstorm (LAT) (Prata Vetra) 1993 Vairak Neka Skali 13 00:41:17
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