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Revealing the mystery of the soul of a faceless man

August 29, 2021
Osiris (EGY), 2021 -  Meanders a Soul...

Starting with spicy unity of the harsh drive and folklore motifs, the Seasons of Flooding Chaos (Akhet nw Isfet) composition already reveals the further development paths of the Osiris (EGY) - Meanders a Soul... album. The Of Hate, Passion and Eternity song enchants symphonic romanticism, developing further paths of trends in the eastern fairy tales in the unknown destiny. But then the entry of vocals complements these paths with a variety of drive and angry shades. Rhythmic and confident marching on the chosen musical path, the Forgotten Stone of Time composition firms the vocals in a combination with the marching procession of music passages.
Solemnly marching the Faceless Men mid-tempo march, combining music and vocals in the symphonic majesty of power and melodism. The Self Destructive Nature is built by the unrestrained swirl of an incredible drive, a little dummy pace of vocal reflections and giving the sound a mystical mystery.
Romantically and inspired by the Our Essence Suite prepares the entry of a melodic essence to the development of further rusties, speaking on the forefront in the sound of the Tears of Isis composition, which is even more fully embodies the ideal ideas of musical fairy tale. The Night Sky pumps power and drive, combined with oriental folk motifs who give a kind of charm, concentrating at the pace and drive in the Endless Sand final album's composition with the symphonic charm.