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Reason to travel all around the world

September 26, 2023
Reason to travel all around the world

The title track begins the musical journey of this Deserta (BRA) - Don't Dare Stop release with stylistic shades of southern rock, wrapping vocal revelations in sparkling musical covers with bright reflections, The Best of Me composition continues it with bright upsurges of a guitar solo, the spiral of which is then pierced by phrases of the vocals story. An exciting Rose song, delighting the fans of the group with its release as a single and fine video.
The charm of the Travel the World romantic ballad continues the melodic sound of this album, combining vocals and music in a joint unhurried gentle procession, continuing with the melodic introduction of the Poisonous composition, preparing for the vocal part with the ascension of musical charm and restrained drive with a ballad tinge, topped with emotional vocal phrases.
The Gigolo song soars with a rapid whirlwind of musical energy, contained by significant vocals phrases, continuing similar stylistic shades in the sound of the I'm Going Crazy composition, which gives twilight shadowy shades with musical variations and vocals mystery.
Energetic guitars passages intertwine with the vocals to create the unified sound of the Lightning intro, then combining the dominance of the vocals with the melodic artistry of the instrumental guitar solo. The symphonic musical atmosphere is combined with the enchanting chime of an acoustic guitar in the sound of the Reason to Live soothing ballad, enveloping the acoustic guitar and vocal narrative in an enchanting veil of guitar solos. The Bad Choices track completes the album, artistically combining vocal emotion with the mesmerizing melodic charm of musical variations.