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Lost in doubt in this twilight haze

July 19, 2023
Voidmilker - Labyrinthical

The twilight mystery of the motifs of the introduction accelerates the musical step with the introduction of vocals, but retains the mystery of the sound of the Decades song, which begins the musical path of the Voidmilker - Labyrinthical album with an intriguing mystery, continuing with the unhurried pace of the A Pregnant Cult song, with shades of romantic atmosphere and melodic charm in artistic unity.
After an intriguing introduction, the vocal part is brought to the fore of the musical image, then interacting with musical variations, sometimes coming out of the shadow of vocals phrases and artistically developing musical variations in the exciting sound of the Abomination of Desolation composition, then basing the main motif on an assertive and daring guitar riff, then crowned with the twilight severity of the vocals story, combined in a single musical stream of the Collapsing song, decorated with the melodic grandeur of guitar solos instrumental fragments that bring epic shades to musical lace.
Weaving lace of twilight mystery, music and vocals are combined in creative unity, marching in a solemn procession of the Cosmic Summon musical fairy tale, developing in the sound of the Bronze Child composition, wrapping vocal phrases with whirlwinds of drive and weaving artistic lace from music and vocals, complemented by twilight shades of foggy veils of instrumental variations, after a swift and assertive introduction, pushing the vocal part to the foreground of the Birth of Trepidation song, which ends the album with a fairy tale.