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Incidents? Are you worthy of them?

November 20, 2017
GraVil - No More Forgiveness

The power and fury of the first composition Detonate acquires a further ergonomic drive inherent in the GraVil - No More Forgiveness album and, indeed, without a doubt. .
The frenzied drive continues to pulsate with vocals Are We Alive, intermittent scrimmings of intonation.
I Am the Blood continues this uncompromising drive, sometimes furiously supplementing the vocal cries in the choruses.
Pulsing in impulses for genre impulses, music and vocals incriminate more and more new solutions. Thoughtful decisions in the introduction Locate the Traitor envelop us from all sides with mysterious outlines.
Fury without the least hesitation continues the previous composition, dooming Choke in Silence to follow its thoughts and ideas.
The pensive ballad Fractured, Divided (feat. Theresa Smith) continues these violent impulses, the vocals become even fiercer and more severe, but the pure Chen Thoughtful will occasionally absorb these ideas into non-existence. But they come back again and again! The mysterious mission of the vague conviction of the concentration camp Decommissioned surrounds the indelible attitude. Some feed of a cranked broken drive with the introduction of Forever Is a Prison vocals sweeps waves of meditation and doubt. Powerful and tough One Eyed King, in a rhythmic and thoughtful march completes the adulbess unyielding drive..