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Heroes and battles are eternal in legends and sagas

August 28, 2020
Downcast Twilight - Alba Gu Brath

After a mysterious intrigue, the Sawney's Hunger enchants the guitar solo with the charm of bagpipes, starting the Downcast Twilight - Alba Gu Brath album's musical narration with a bewitching unity of epic fairy tales and the mid-tempo anthem of restrained drive. Accelerating the tempo in a whirlwind of musical poetics, the The Ghost of Robert Burns complements the musical passages with background tunes of bagpipes, crowning the musical variations with the charismatic severity of growling vocals.
Initially rising in the whirlwind of a fast-paced race, the The Wolver's Gift initially slows down for a vocal narrative, but then progressively varies the tempo, raising the banner of solemnity in the chorus. The memory of the heroes is lifted up by the epic banners of the Guardian of the Kingdom heroic saga, with the vocal part holding back the swiftness of musical impulses. The Dragons of the Celts continues the story, enveloping the main theme with the charm of vocal charisma. The symphonic passages of the intro are complemented by the harsh pensiveness of growling, complemented by the background tunes of female vocals, combined with the Blue Men of the Minch epic ballad of musical passages. The Battle of Bannockburn mesmerizes with the inspirational tale of the gloomy intrigue of the verse, raising in the chorus the banners of honor of valor.
Intriguing by the development of the twilight haze with intro, the Echoes in the Fells then wraps the vocal narration in a veil of mystical echoes of musical twilight. The Brahan Seer subordinates the musical essence to the instructions of vocal phrases, sometimes enveloping them in a haze of mystical mystery and transforming them into the sound of a mysterious fairy tale. The vocal part varies shades of screaming and growling, sometimes ascending to harsh. The last composition of the album Ride of the Nuckelavee mesmerizes with an artistic combination of tempo and music variations, taking vocal transformations to the next level.