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Eternity is incomprehensible

October 04, 2022
Nightmare (FRA) - Aeternam

The stubborn guitar riffs of the intro anticipate the promotion of the vocal part to the front of the Temple of Acheron musical image, complementing the solo revelations of the singing lady with vocal support, raising the vocal phrases of the female vocals to the top of the musical waves in the chorus, continuing the musical story of the Nightmare (FRA) - Aeternam album with the mystical twilight of the Divine Nemesis composition, the continuing pulsating leap of the persistent musical drive with vocal bitterness in the militant pressure of readiness for battle. The Passenger stubborn march confidently, powerfully and clearly drives its pace in the chosen direction along the musical path shrouded in an obscure fog, weaving an artistic lace of vocals variations.
The guitar solo of the Downfall of a Tyrant intro takes you into the narration of medieval sagas and weaves a musical lace for an inspired vocals storyteller, continuing the epic musical stories with the addition of oriental nuances and vocal mystery in the sound of the Crystal Lake composition, bringing a bright sparkling guitar solo to the fore of the Lights On main motive, complemented by mystical vocals emotionality in the combined charm of musical artistry and the mesmerizing sound of the guitar solo of the instrumental part, anticipating the final chorus of this musical creation.
The vocal part in the inspirational grandeur of its significance moves to the forefront of the epic fairy tale of the title track of the Aeternam album, wrapping the vocals story with the charm of melodic musical veils. Then the stern, stubborn and twilight Under the Ice battle march combines a stubborn and powerful musical tread with the twilight mystery of vocal reflections, while maintaining the bitterness of the sound with some acceleration of the tempo and densification of the drive in the pressure of the Black September battle saga and the twilight Anneliese final musical tale that completes the story of this album.