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Emotions are so varied

October 25, 2019
Excalion - Emotions

The beginning of Excalion - Emotions album is preceded by the further development of the conceptual idea, intertwining keyboards and guitars passages in bewitching charm, enveloping pensive Trust vocal revelations with the charm of musical variations. Embodying the ideas of popular music of the 80s of the last century, Sunshine Path walks with a medium-tempo narrative of the album, returning to the main motive in the chorus.
Condensing the musical component and putting keyboard motifs at the head of the Lost Control musical image weaves a bewitching lace of musical variations. The symphonic charm of the Solitude introduction prepares for the ascension of the epic banners of the vocal narrative. In part, preserving the notes of symphony, Nightmariner sometimes elevates vocal experiences to the head of the musical image, but preserving a soft symphony in ultramodern traditions. The Golden Horde continues a similar unity of stylistic traditions, appeals to ancient legends and, in general, the stylistics of the previous composition. After the notes and variations of drive, I Left My Heart at Home raises the banner of symphony while retaining enchanting experiences in vocals. But The Mercy Racers again returns to the easy drive, keeping the vocal part at the forefront of the musical image.
Perhaps the album’s most epic composition Callsigns elevates variations of vocal emotions to the forefront of a musical symphony, complementing vocal changes with musical passages. Deep Water (Bonus Track) completes the album with a swift wave of drive, enveloping the musical and vocal passages with covers of keyboard variations.