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Decaying ashes of elder scrolls

November 01, 2020
Wombripper - Macabre Melodies

A whirlwind of impetuous musical drive flies in an unrestrained wind of furious anger, starting the Wombripper - Macabre Melodies album with high-speed passages of the Possessed by Unknown musical thriller. But in the middle of the composition, the guitar solo brings a melodic charm, crowned with vocal significance, anticipating the mesmerizing guitar solo of the instrumental part, culminating in the swift haste of the drive of the final part. The Join Undead music builds the atmosphere of an epic extravaganza of a dark fairy tale, most of the composition marching in a mid-tempo march, but in the end it takes off on the wings of unrestrained impetuosity returning at the finish line to the mid-tempo fairy tale, anticipating the development of the Obscurity Depths composition into a twilight extravaganza of a dark anthem. But while maintaining its majestic significance, the music complements the sound with a tempo accelerating explosions.
After the dark mystery, the Shredded Corpse Remains song immediately strives for the unbridled speed of a furious race. The introspection foreshadows angry vocals, paired with an even more furious Wicked Breed musical thriller. The Macabre Void guitar solo envelops the mysterious veil of ornate meditations, acting as an introduction to so majestic procession of the Devastation Into Waste compositions, which begins with a leisurely narration of an epic anthem. But the vocal intro cries out to musical ferocity, backed up by the unbridled rage of a meteoric drive. But the instrumental part returns to the mid-tempo procession, ending with a final blast of drive.
Exploding with unrestrained drive in Intro, at first the Already Dead song supplements the musical passages with vocal anger, but then varies the tempo and melody with mid-tempo passages. The intro's guitar solo shrouds in the veils of a romantic ballad, but then the Church of Repulsion musical power rises in the frantic drive of an energetic musical thriller. But the music and vocals again return to the onerous slowness, creating the charm of a guitar ballad in the instrumental part and the monologue of clean vocals, preceding the final part. The Fractures concludes the album with a leisurely procession under the banner of a dark anthem, adding the charm of guitar solos to instrumental bridges.