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Caporaso, Luciana

Caporaso, Luciana
Featuring Luciana
New Age  /  Dance
House  /  New Wave
Universal Music Group / UMG
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Featuring Luciana

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# Track title Length Lyrics
1 What Planet You On? (feat. Luciana) [Original Club Mix] 04:37
2 Famous (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] 04:55
3 Party Animal (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] 05:45
4 London Punk (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] 02:49
5 Pretty Young Things (feat. Luciana) 03:34
6 I Wish U Would (feat. Luciana) [Martijn Ten Velden Vocal Club Mix] 05:42
7 Trouble (feat. Luciana) [Original Vocal Mix] 04:48
8 Bigger Than Big (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] 04:33
9 Ride (feat. Luciana) [D Ramirez Vocal Club Mix] 07:29
10 Yeah Yeah (feat. Luciana) [D Ramirez Vocal Club Mix] 06:51
11 Sat Night, Sun Morning (feat. Luciana) [Original Vocal Club Mix] 06:02
12 What Planet You On? (feat. Luciana) [Martijn Ten Velden Mix] 06:01
13 Come On Girl (feat. Luciana) [Radio Edit] 03:18