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Best Of (The Boombastic Collection)
Dance  /  Reggae
Club Dance  /  Dancehall  /  Ragga
RCA Records
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Best Of (The Boombastic Collection)

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# Track title Length Lyrics
1 Boombastic (Prod By Sting International) 04:06
2 Strength Of A Woman (Prod By Sting International) 03:50
3 Angel (Ft Rayvon) (Prod By Sting International) 03:55
4 Hey Sexy Lady (Ft Brian & Tony Gold) (Prod By Robert Livingston) 03:20
5 Feel The Rush (Prod By Shaggy) 03:05
6 Those Days (Ft Nasha) (Prod By Birch) 03:22
7 Don't Ask Her That (Ft Nicole Scherzinger) (Prod By Scott Storch) 04:25
8 It Wasn't Me (Ft Rikrok) (Prod By Sting International) 03:47
9 Hope (Ft Mister Mydas) (Prod By Robert Livingston) 03:46
10 In The Summertime (Ft Rayvon) (Prod By Sting International) 03:44
11 Luv Me, Luv Me (Ft Samantha Cole) (Prod By Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) 03:33
12 Oh Carolina (Prod By Sting International) 03:04
13 Ready Fi Di Ride (Prod By Tony "Cd" Kelly) 03:34
14 Church Heathen (Prod By Tony "Cd" Kelly) 04:06
15 Leave It To Me (Ft Brian & Tony Gold) (Prod By Robert Livingston) 03:37
16 Would You Be (Ft Brian "Gold" Thompson) (Prod By Sting International) 04:16
17 Wild 2Nite (Ft Olivia) (Prod By Armando & Sting International) 03:30
18 Gone With Angels (Prod By Sting International) 04:04