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Cradle Of Filth

Cradle Of Filth
Cruelty And The Beast (Bonus CD)
Nuclear Blast Records
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Cruelty And The Beast (Bonus CD)

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# Track title Length Lyrics
1 Lustmord And Wargasm (The Relicking of Cadaverous Wounds) 07:48
2 Black Metal (Venom cover) 03:22
3 Hallowed Be Thy Name (Shallow Be My Grave/Iron Maiden) 07:07
4 Sodomy & Lust (Sodom cover) 04:44
5 Twisting Further Nails Of Faith (The Cruci-Fiction Mix) 05:32
6 Hell Awaits (Slayer cover) 05:41
7 Carmilla`s Masque (Unreleased Studio Track) 02:53