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unVEil Feat. Sudie

Black Milk (USA)

Band/Artist: Black Milk (USA)

Album: FEVER

Now or never
Now or never knowing I will last
On the path don't run out of gas
Wasting time and a lot of cash watching time pass in a hour glass
Who to ask tell me who would last
Living hoping this illusion pass
Think you had when something's not adding up when you do the math
Tryna find the real but you find worse
What was happiness now hurts
Sitting with a pen writing tryna find the words that will help you find worth

Everybody hot and fever pitch
Heat is rising you can see the temp
Love leaving while the hate exceed screaming fuck your leader and your leadership
Hopeful love makes you gonna insane
Hoping drugs takes away the pain
But the heart still beating body still breathing so I guess I can't complain
Look listen learn love costs
Especially when you see the love lost
Every other night in this life its a fight gotta take the gloves off