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Your Number One Fan

Bobbie Gentry

Band/Artist: Bobbie Gentry

Album: Patchwork

Ever since I saw your picture
In the weekly music trade
You could top the list on my personal hit parade
It just took one look I guess that
I knew from the start
One note from your golden throat
And you, you captured my heart

You're my favorite movie idol
You're my favorite singing star
Angels up in Heaven sing along when you play your guitar
It's no wonder you're the leader
Of your very own rock 'n' roll band
Best wishes, your number one fan

What a thrill to see your fabulous face
On the silver screen
I hope someday to find a way
To show you what you mean to me
Today a little bluebird told me
When your music starts to play
Every daffodil on the hill starts to swing and sway
You're the most from coast to coast
Why I guess you're the best in the land
I love you, your number one fan

I want you to know that even though
We're worlds apart
Near or far, you're still the star
On my top forty chart, dear

I would like to ask a favor
If you would so kindly, please
Autograph a copy of your latest single release
In closing may I say sincerely
You're my ideal man
God bless you and keep you
From your number one fan
God bless you and keep you
From your number one fan
That's me