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Worlds Within Worlds

Alchemist (AUS)
Like creatures in the deepest oceans. You are existing unaware of worlds outside your own. Disregard what is believed and fantasy shall enter. Begin to think of concepts that are slightly left of center. Begin with out beginning and conclude eternally. A mass infinite cycle I am in and is in me. The not yet born and dead shall know. Where we've been and where we go. What's to come and why we're here? But when I look it's most unclear. At times I'm lost with things I find. Is god creator or just image of mind? A macroscopic universe, a microscopic view. Variety of astonishment I can't see through. Imagine places I've not been. Picture sights I've never seen. Believe in world I cannot see. Those I'm in and those in me. Through life's torment, I now find Life may be a state of mind. Disregarding the impossible. We believe in what is tangible. We feel the warmth of one in a trillion stars Ethereal continuation - thoughts beyond infinite cycles. Are we just a chemical equation that reached consciousness through evolution? Earth's nature confines itself. But with cosmology - infinity.