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World Domination Of Pain

It knocks at the door - no one's been there before
Questions and fear - the big change is near

Can we read the signs - about mankind's down fall
Prophecy of truth - millennium scares our youth
Will the forecasts prove - what old legends did tell
In the decade of pain - no one will remain

Desperate eyes - watch the burning skies
Killing machines - death bringing dreams!

Centuries ago
Some wish man did know
About our spell
We'll all go to hell!

In the 7th month 1999
The king of terror will start his death machine
The 3. Antichrist will turn sun into darkness
His domain will be creeping success
World domination of pain
World domination of pain...

One thousand years of wars
Who knows what's the fucking cause
A world domination of pain
The millennium of the insane!
World domination of pain...