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Womb Dance In The Void

Amid The Barren And Lost
Between these failures,
That I despise,
Truth is despair,
Failure repeats and kneels to none.

Will it ever...
Just let me be?
I’ll be the one to govern all,
So where has my love gone?

Crowned in their own ash,
Whipped by their beasts,
Razors intoxicate me,
I curse the heart that beats within.

So I curse the eyes that wash over the pretext,
They burn into my memory,
My scars they weep within the shame of history,
And I'm left inside the shadow.

As you abuse,
All my rewards,
So I perceive,
More then your,
Cataract eyes see.

Let it flow,
I see more than your eyes,
Will I honour?
Will I endow?
Will I let shame reason to my hate?

Will I bow to the prospect of treason?
Or break this feeble dependence?
I dance alone in this void,
And laugh along with my agony,
My agony.

Ending doubt,
Waiting out,
And all we are,

Empower me with your contradictive spite,
My last vestige of hope with the promise of pain,
Let it flow,
In the void...