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We Were Divine

Lord Of The Lost
In a velvet ballroom where I did once belong
Saddened keys reverberate
For my farewell song
That winter was bitter until our souls did twine

Wine would flow the sweetest red
Kisses laced with fire
Candles flicker through the night
Framing our desire

Then autumn was torture
But little did I know

We were divine
Two hearts beating time
The King and Queen of the old town
In both our minds
Oh, I stood so proud
The glory we'd found
As pure as the snow that had stayed for too long now

The light had died inside her eyes
Words could not conceal
Sometimes truth will come to wound and not just to heal

A life defined by what's left behind
A love that we cruelly cut down while in its prime
And I always vowed to never allow
My world missing all purpose like it is now

Cold earth on my blistered skin
Buried bones lie close
Memories of her fade as I'm giving up the ghost