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We Don't Trust You

Millennium (GBR)
So many times you've been feeding us lies
What have you ever done for me
Sign my name, sign my life away
Be a part of the game you play

You've made your money out of me
And not a penny have I seen
In this life tread where you daere
The likes of you we've got to beware

We don't trust you

Raise your voice loud in anger
We're not gonna take any more
We'll spray the writing on the wall
This time we won't be ignored
You're gonna hear the rolling thunder
Feel a force from a lightning strike
Down on the street the word is out
We've got something to shout about

We've paid the price for your deceiving
You haven't heard the last from us
We'll be back with a vengeance
We're gonna make you eat the dust
You've got to read between the lines
Who'll be next to be fooled by you
We'll show the others what is true
And put a stop to what you do

We don't trust you