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Wayward Samaritan

Bloodbath (SWE)
Broken man, I see where you're from
Your pain over what you've become
We see things with similar eyes
Hopes, dreams, everything is lies
I must help you escape this horror
You shouldn't have to live like this
I'll cut your throat, slash your wrists
I'll cave your face in with my fists

Heads hitting concrete
A wonderful sound
Makes my heads rush
My heart pounds
There's nothing better than to help those in need
To help them escape their pain to set them free

I am an altruist
Don't worry about how much you bleed
Don't fucking weep
I'm just helping you sleep

Broken man, broken twice
Once by life, once by knife
They lie, it's alright
Two wrongs do make a right
Baptism by immersion
In the water you have bled
From something to nothing
My word a tear will shed

Lifeless bodies make beautiful sights
God gave me this gift to end all plights
There's nothing better than help those in need
You can't suffer if you cannot bleed

I am an altruist
I'll cure sickness and disease
There's an easy way out
Just let your life cease