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Satan's Host
A blitzkrieg too war where energies of evil are
summoned. Avenging!!! This past life enflames,
Horrid the dreams. Desolating age, reveled in
dismay they preach. Hypocritical~ Scintillation’s
fade away... Where the souls stir in a cauldron.

The Black-Brothers who own you. Knell you servant.
Knell you slave. Bend thou knee: Obey!
Ancient invocations of the night,
Appearing years before Christ!!!

W.A.R.~Warriors of our nocturnal grotto.
Swords of the valiant: Ancient command.
Slayer of Death. Last-Man, Stands!
Honor-n-pride, sacred & pure.
Pulsation’s blood; One warrior race.
Desolating age, reveled in dismay you preach.
Hypocritical~ Scintillation's fade away...

Ashen in the ancient way, learned the lessons sorcery.
Brought back evil insight, older than time itself.
Mons Philosophorum~Shadows fill the air:
Where your life decimates.

See your sorrow grip inside from beyond my grave.
Legions of the night savagely divine; Transforming.
Warriors of the Apocalyptic Revenge.
Warriors of the Apocalyptic Revenge.
Avail to us at night where killing of the mind
derives. As this world of your religion,
Turning symbols into hours.

Ravaged in the witching of an eye,
Waiting on the fields ~Elysium.
Appearing w/ the dead who walk,
Shadows from a fiery grave reside: Midnight.
A pentagram engraved in stone
Where the candles flicker. Evil-Winds.

Enochian keys of phrase,
Spiritual-Echo: Suffocates.
Pain! Meek! Scourge! Conquering.
Reign! Satan! Annihilate.