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Tortoise Corpse
Soldiers... trained to kill
We drop behind their lines
To search and to destroy
To meet our deadline
Stranded... there's no escape
We fight to survive
Charlie's expecting guests
I'm the only one left alive

Shots cry out - Fear of my life
Nowhere to run - Warfare's dalk reality
Faceless foe - Playing with death
How can I win - Welcome to insanity

Jungle... weaves in it's spell
How much more can I take?
The sentence living hell
How can I escape?
Daylight... filters through the trees
In this dark hell-hole
Charlie lies in wait
Death is in control

Nightfall...brings it's terror
Injecting me with fear
Lying motionless
Danger very near
Time ticks away so slowly
I'm still on the run
Insanity is threatening
Hold tight cradle my gun

Madness... Invades my mind
Penetrates with fear and pain
Enemy held within
My sweat's falling rain
Heartbeat's ready to explode
Across forsaken lands
My tortured images
Feel death within my hands