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Veiled By Blood

Eastern Front

Band/Artist: Eastern Front

Album: EmpirE

Skyward tower foundations rooted in flesh
Blooded and charred anchored in earth
Twisted they lay prostrated in death
The taste of iron stains voiceless mouths
One final breath aimed at the sun
The crimson wave heralds the new world

Conquest over corpses, scions of the empire

Slaughter, no reprieve, no future hollow belief
Thrown down, a father's faith in the just
And cast aside a mother's idol, lost
Remains, an empire, veiled by blood

Conquest over corpses, scions of the empire
Veiled by blood, scions of the empire

Whispers of the demised angered through pain
And sadness sways the balance of scorn
No longer trust a liege crowned by fear
Utopian ruins fall... the fall

This empire built on loss
This empire built on blood
This empire built on woe
This empire built on death