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Unfaithful, Pt. 1

Jackson, Damar

Band/Artist: Jackson, Damar

Album: U2

Normally I would keep this shit inside, but
I'm a man and I can't swallow my pride
I been smokin', I been drinkin', pray that I don't drink and drive
And I got some information and I can't let it slide

Heard you fuckin' 'round, you been fuckin' 'round with some guy
Heard that I know that nigga, I really know that nigga, yeah, he's my guy
So you mad now, how could you explain this shit?
I got proof for now, I really had to say that shit, yeah

So now you put your hands on me, now you wanna break my shit
And if I defend myself the cops won't believe that shit
Got some explainin' to do
'Cause I'm goin' crazy, thought you was my baby
Thought he was my friend, baby how could you play me?
'Cause you was out fuckin' him, too

And I can't lie, I still love you
The streets ain't never prepared me for this, what am I to do?
She yellin' that I ain't shit, but this ain't about me, it's about you
She like, "Who else you think you gon' get?" I'm like, "You know it should be you"

Now, I'm not one to hit a woman, but maybe this is too far
You done broke my heart, I'm thinkin' back, good God
All my friends tried to warn me you can't trust no thot
What the fuck had you thinkin' that you wasn't never gonna get got?

Oh my God, oh my
I need to get out of here, I need to go
Hold on (No, I need to go) hold on
I think it's best, hold on (Listen)

We wasn't perfect, but no one is perfect
I thought we was worth it
On Fridays we clubbed it, on Sundays we churched it
This was some real shit, you was rehearsin'
Girl, was it worth it? You closed the curtain
I swear, that shit hurt me. Baby, why did you hurt me?

I shoulda listened to my sister, yeah, she ain't never liked you
Swear that she warned me, now she wanna fight you
I be dead wrong if I let that shit go down, yeah
But the way I'm feelin', I'm callin' Nini right now

"Nini, hello? Go whoop that trick"
I ain't never called no girl a bitch
But she's a bitch, that nigga, too
I'ma go pull up on a nigga right now like, "What it do?"
Give me my wife, I don't wanna talk, I don't wanna hear nothin'
Don't make a nigga go pop his trunk (Yeah)
And get my gun, yeah, yeah

"Nini, hold on, I think I found som'
Oh my, oh my God
Get mama on the phone, I need some counselin'"
"Damar, what is it?" Can't feel my legs, can't feel my chest
"Damar, what is it? Hello?"
It's a positive pregnancy test