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Tried To Rock

Cole, Lloyd

Band/Artist: Cole, Lloyd

Album: The Negatives

I tried to rock
I tried to rock
And still I tried to rock
I did not try to fail
I did not fail to see
That what it takes to rock
Is that which I have not

I didn't try for such a long time
I didn't try so very hard
Maybe I could have been more focused
You see, I wanted to be blind
I tried to rock

I grew my hair
My walls were bare
I had one red wine glass
It was self fulfilling
I had four girlfriends
No visible means of support
I lived on credit card rye bread

And maybe I should have tried in Memphis
Maybe I should have stayed home
Maybe I should have taken a little something
You know, I wasn't even stoned
When I tried to rock

And if you think I let you down
And if I called you babe
I didn't mean to say that you were just a babe
Babe, you're such a babe

I lay down here
I woke up over there
I lay me down somewhere else
I guess I needed to
Try on something new
I tried to no avail
I guess I'm glad I failed