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Traveler's Song

Sing for the lost, for eternal affairs
Sing to raise our spirits in great despair
Through the ashes of oblivion
Quick and unseen like the dragon's offspring
For we owe no debts and bow to no king
Every war has its costs and we've paid
Won by the bond of the party we've made

Warn with a call that the battle starts now
As the demons listen we strike them down
Fighting back the rifts of blood
Sent from the sky lies a angel in need
Give him muse to strengthen and words to heed
Heaven's doused and set alight
We're knocking on the gates of hell tonight

Broken swords and dragon's bones
Scattered on the way back home
Beating to the sound of clashing steel
When they're on our heels
Now chant the tales and legends told
Strengthened by the hymns of old
Weathered as this winding road is long
So we sing our traveler's song

Play out a spell in your sequence of chords
To inspire and sharpen our rusted swords
Echoing the whisper of the trees
Creep 'long a path where a thousand bards failed
From the thick West Tyrian jungle trails
Come from afar to set prisoners free
Into dark tangled depths from the open sea

Second chances don't come cheap
So keep alert and on your feet
An ancient spirit's song will heal our wounds
Unabashed by our defeat
Spite the bloodstains on these cobble streets
A message to the gods to see us through
Ever heard, yet rarely sung
So raise your voice and praise the sun
I call a new rebirth to keep us strong
Countless souls along the path
Lost to fiends and lords of wrath
But we'll return to play our final song